Learning to See


“Learning to See” is a permanent exhibition at the Denver Botanic Garden. This award winning exhibition breaks new ground in the seamless integration of physical and digital design. The experiences in the exhibit take advantage of the best attributes of digital and analog tools to tell a rich and complicated story in simple and emotive ways, to diverse audiences.

Visitors explore plant ecosystems and our interconnections with nature through the lens of scale- connections between global ecosystems (the land far away), the tapestry of Colorado ecosystems (the land nearby), and nature in their own backyards (the land underfoot). Visitors are invited to interact directly and in unexpected ways with the exhibit, peering into small holes to view content or by using their bodies as sound transmitters. The result has been renewal of interest and deepening of relationship between the Garden and its diverse visitorship.

This project was delivered by Second Story under the direction and leadership of +&> partners Traci Sym and Daniel Meyers who served as the Experience Design Director and Creative Director of the Studio.


your body is an instrument.

Simple yet unexpected interactions turn your body into a speaker.


topography with light.

Layers of etched and illuminated acrylic visualize the topography of Colorado and help draw connections between elevation and eco-systems.