The Wonder Studio


art is for everyone.


Opening in July 2018, the Wonder Studio is the Chrysler Museum of Art's first instance of a family friendly experimental exhibition. A suite of interactive experiences focus on immersive and unique interactions that create opportunities for families to get up close and personal with art without all the stuffiness. 

+&> collaborated on this exhibition with Upswell and USD Design | Mach Consulting to create a new and permanent gallery at the entry to the museum.

The Wonder Studio is designed to engage the museums newest and youngest visitors with artworks and art concepts in a friendly, fun, and experience focused setting. There are no wrong answers, and no fussy rules here. What matters is the art, and the feelings and ideas the art inspire in the visitor, no matter their background.

The gallery is made up of three separate smaller installations: The Colorscape where visitors use their bodies and motions to explore immersion in color, form and light. The Studio, where visitors are encouraged to use their
own approach to (digitally) remixing artworks from the collection, and the Artquarium where the museum will hang super concentrated thematic exhibitions of artworks from the diverse and encyclopedic collection.

The Artquarium installation brings together works from diverse artists, times, and places at an unprecedented and exhilarating density. Specially created digital and analogue tools will encourage visitors to engage and explore the art knowing that it is safe, and that it’s there for them to enjoy on their own terms.