Forest Park Nature Center


all are welcome.


At 5,200 acres, Portland's Forest Park is one of the largest urban forests in the United States. Adjacent to downtown Portland, Forest Park offers a distinct and immediate departure from the urban landscape. Its interior feels a world away from the day to day. In following a variety of trails, a visitor is drawn into the forest, finding solace, freedom, rest, resilience, re-set, and inspiration.

Arriving at this interior is a challenge for many, and even uninviting for some. The Entrance and Nature Center offers the opportunity to extend new modes for all to feel welcomed into the park and encourages a view of the forest as a living system of communities and resources, management strategies, flora, fauna, and, of course, a place to play.

Evoking a sense of wonder, the Entrance and Nature Center prompts exploration and learning, both within the exhibits and in the park, prompting us to look beyond the surface of what we see and offering a chance to expand our capacity for connection and care. 

This project is being designed in collaboration with the City of Portland Parks & Recreation, Dangermond Keane Architecture, and Walker Macy, among others.